+1 310 564 6956
Los Angeles, CA
+1 310 564 6956
Los Angeles, CA
+1 310 564 6956
Los Angeles, CA

KoreTechs – Create

The Kore

Custom Solutions for All of your AV Needs


• Powerful

• Modular

• Custom

Network Storage

• Lightning Fast

• Reliable

• Secure

Studio Design

• Integration

• Wiring design and implementation

• CAD for A/V studios


• Lifetime Remote Service

• 24 Hour Phone Support

• On-Site Service


"I have had Dima building all of my machines for the last 3 or 4 years.  They are all very reliable machines and Dima is always available which I have to say gives me great comfort.  KoreTechs is a lifesaver for my deadline related life.  I am very happy to have Dima@KoreTechs as a resource for my computer needs."
John Swihart
“It was obvious from our first emails and phone calls that Dima was the right choice.  He had great ideas on exactly what I needed—and exactly what I didn’t need.  His proposal for my custom PC saved me a ton of money.  And it performs great!  I’m able to load my entire orchestral template and have over 450 articulations at my fingertips.  And when I needed some urgent tech support, Dima was quick and attentive.  I wouldn’t be producing the music I am today without the computer he built”
"The custom desktop computer system that KoreTechs built for us is the fastest computer we have ever used, and their service was excellent! We got great advice throughout the process, and we highly recommend KoreTechs!"
William Adashek
Prehistoric Digital


  • Giorgio Moroder
  • Felix Bird
  • Gabe Damast
  • Jake Davis
  • Jamie Dunlop
  • David Feldstein
  • David Freise
  • Bryan Todd
  • Matthew Ferraro


  • Stephen Anderson
  • Brian Steckler
  • Kamal Humphrey
  • Michael James
  • Chris Hesse
  • Sam Knaak
  • Steve Limonoff
  • Jeff Oliver
  • Ramin Sakurai


  • Prehistoric Digital
  • Southpark Studios
  • Global Change Media
  • Ramon Garcia


Custom Solutions for All of your AV Needs

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